Entry Advisory
Let's help you evaluate, understand, and take advantage of potential market opportunities.
Events Consultancy
We coordinate and execute business-to-business conferences, meetings, and programs for associations, organizations, government agencies, and corporations.
At Astridia, we look forward to learning more about your company and helping you get the coverage you deserve.
Technology (ICT) Advisory
ICT Advisory, Cybersecurity Advisory, Software development
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Who we are

Astridia is a leading trade and investment firm that specializes in helping enterprises create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international, domestic and new markets.

We offer a wide range of business solutions to help companies succeed in new and existing markets. These include: Tech Advisory, Events Consultancy and Planning, Market Research, Investment Services, Business Development Strategy and Execution, Partner Search for New Markets, Trade Missions for Existing Markets, Public Relations and Media Relations Services.

What we do

Astridia is positioned to provide the following strategic services:

Event Consultancy
Media Relations
Tech Advisory
Market Research
Market Entry Advisory
Investment & Trade Promotion
Media Buying & Planning
Partnerships and Collaboration