The Future, We Create.

Astridia! Bridging the gap between Africa and the world...

Who we are

Astridia Global is a consumer technology-focused early-stage VC firm focused on female led start-ups with underrepresented founders and underserved markets.
We are a financial and business advisory & strategy firm established to usher in global and exponential ideas, businesses, companies and startups to conduct their affairs and operations in Africa.
We focus on three core areas, People, Environment & Technology.

Astridia is about conducting business with positive impact on people and environment using emerging technologies and strategies.

We are all about bridging the gap between Africa and the world, to help facilitate the right environment for companies to start and expand.

What we do

Astridia is positioned to provide the following strategic services:

Financial and Business Advisory & Strategy
Investment and Funding
Collaboration and Partnerships
Expansion into the African market
Training and Mentorship
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Partnerships and Collaboration

It's time for companies to put people, environment and technology first.

Businesses are going to spring up and expand in to Africa and there will be a need for strategic partnerships and collaborations with local and regional companies. We can create an environment for said partnerships and collaborations...