My Growth Fund

Astridia Global impressed and inspired by what My Growth Fund is doing in Africa by helping entrepreneurs make their dream come true. The purpose why we show this firm is to further encourage organizations with the expertise and funds to keep supporting startups in Africa.

My Growth Fund is a Series A investment firm based in Sandton, South Africa, led by Vusi Thembekwayo with a mission to enhance and contribute to the economic upliftment of Africa.

The firm provides the tools innovators need to shatter the status quo. My Growth Fund accelerator, incubators, masterclasses & investments make the firm the only wall-to-wall enterprise and supplier development company in South Africa.

Since 2014 My Growth Fund obsessively honed what they are good at, which is providing the expert skills, business support, and access to capital that entrepreneurs and businesses need to grow.

The firm is proficient at working with small but promising (high-growth potential) businesses in upstream industries that require a mix of deep technical expertise, robust sales strategies & to-the-minute data insights to succeed.

My Growth Fund believes all great achievements have a singular currency, people, and, as such, places the human being, the entrepreneur or leader at its centre with a clear focus on personal development whilst our teams work on business issues.

Image Source: Kasibiz