The Future Of Cyber Security

As cyber & server security becomes ever paramount, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to secure their data and information on servers.

Current server technologies are said to be designed to accommodate many users running multiple programs, thus leaving the servers vulnerable to intrusion.

In 2019, a Cyber Security Report by National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) said, 44% of companies with over 500 employees have experienced cyber-attack including well known cases like Facebook’s data leak, Capital One’s breach, and Quest diagnostics’ breach.

With little or no change in 50 years of Server Operating Systems (OS), NanoVMs has built a new OS with unikernels technology that runs linux applications faster and safer.

A unikernel is an application that has been scaled down to a secure virtual machine. Unikernels are widely considered to be the next generation of cloud infrastructure.

NanoVMs is taking on the future of cyber & server security and we will continue to follow their progress.